Copper Stills Parts & Tubing

Copper stills for sale.

Copper stills manufactured to perfection.

Copper Stills Parts & Tubing

Don’t need to be a Hillbilly to build a copper still at Mile Hi we have all the parts and tubing to build a high quality moonshine distiller or copper alcohol still.

Our copper stills are polished to show the beauty of the copper other companies only do a matt finish we believe or costumers deserve the best so we take the time and tig weld all the cooper stills for durability and you won’t see nasty solder joints on our handmade towers . The copper tubing we use for building these beauty copper stills is make in the USA. Just like all the stainless stills we manufacturer are made to last a life time. Mile Hi has the largest selection and highest quality of  distillers and parts for the fun hobby of home distilling

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