Complete Flute Stills

Our sectional flute distillers can be used for whiskeys to vodkas. The most versatile still on the market since everything is interchangeable is simple to customize it to your alcohol distilling needs

Copper and Stainless Flute Stills for Sale.

Copper and Stainless flute distillers for sale we have 4″ to 8″ distillers for Micro distilleries and home user. Flute stills are very versatile for making about everything like vodka or whiskeys and are very simple to use. Our heavy duty flute still will last for a life time and you will be handing them down to future generations.

Mile Hi only sells top quality distillers from small to large and has over 600 items to choose from so please look around and have fun any questions. Mile Hi distilling been selling building and selling distillers for over 14 years  give us a call 303-987-3955 thanks

Please allow 20 to 25 business days for shipping for the MHD Flute Stills 

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