Grainfathers and Grainfather parts for the Grainfather Brewing system.

The all-in-one brewing system used for brewing with grains, or grain distilling. Easy to use systems with features like automatic sparging, personalized temperature setting, and an in-built PID controller that will adjust temperatures automatically.

You can brew or distill with extreme efficiency while the system continuously washes the grains in it’s own special basket included in the Grainfather kit used for all-grain brewing.

Brew from the safety of your house instead of brewing or distilling outside or in a cold garage with this all-electric brewing system and get rid of propane.

Newer systems are capable of connecting via bluetooth, where brewers or distillers can choose to dial in their grain brewing system remotely with an app. Also capable of syncing your personal recipes to the app, where you will receive reminders when you get close the next steps of your recipes and a reference on your temperatures.

Distilling with this system is easy with the Still Spirits Turbo 500 Alembic Dome Top and Still Spirits T500 Alembic Condenser or the Still Spirits T500 Stainless Condenser

Grainfather instructions

Lost your instructions for your Grainfather system? Find instructions here free of charge: Grainfather Instructions

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