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 Mile Hi Flute Plated Still Towers

The Mile Hi Flute Distiller Towers are the best-built plated still and alcohol distillers around. Our modular design is more versatile than any other flute on the market, and with 3” windows, making it much easier to see the action inside the tower. And with the modular design, there are no limits on different configurations. We sell 4 to 8 section plates stills manufactured with stainless or copper. Flute stills are great because they are very versatile and can be used for about any kind of alcohol from whiskey to vodka you will not be disappointed with a flute still from Mile Hi Distilling.

Bubble Caps-vs-Perforated Plates With Down Comers for your Plated flute tower.

After a lot of testing, we found the perforated plates with down comers work better than bubble caps in the plated flute towers. Our test shows we usually get a little higher % with plates, but the big difference was that you can see more of the distilling action on top of the plates in your flute distiller and the plates are much easier to clean. Bubble caps are hard to clean and adjust. Also, all the bubble caps you see on the internet are made in China. Mile Hi Distilling manufactures the perforated plates with copper made in the USA for flute stills. Check out flute talk about bubble caps vs perforated plates

Please allow 20 to 25 business days for shipping for the MHD Flute Stills

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