Turbo 500 Stills And T500 Towers

We have been working with still spirits for many years and are happy that we can offer these high quality turbo 500 Stills.
The Turbo 500 still has proven itself over the years to be a great well built distiller and works as good as it looks.
Turbo 500 stills come with a build in 120v heating element so you just simply plugin any standard wall outlet and also have a built in drain.
The t500 is very simple to use and user friendly.
All the T500 distillers are just plug and play and come with a factory warrantee.
Mile Hi Distilling has the most complete selection of T500 stills and parts available with the best prices around. We also have over 600 distilling products from turbo yeast to oak barrels we are your one stop shop for still supplies.  We also offer free shipping on all t500 stills.