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Turbo distillers yeast is fast acting high alcohol tolerant yeast that can produce a higher percentage of alcohol then standard yeast. Turbo yeast has been perfected over the years. Mile Hi sells only the best turbo distillers yeast available.

Distillers Whiskey Yeast and Turbo Yeast

Here at Mile Hi Distilling we take our Distillers Whiskey Yeast and Turbo Yeast very seriously and sell the most advanced distillers yeast in the world. Manufactured by a company with over 30 years of scientific resource to produce fast acting yeast that can ferment high alcohol percent with low volatiles to produce top quality alcohols

Selling Distillers Whiskey Yeast and Turbo Yeast For Over 20 Years

Mile Hi Distilling has been working with this company for over 20 years to make sure our customers only get the best turbo distillers yeast available. We buy in bulk and keep it fresh so you always get the lowest prices and the freshest yeast possible. We sell turbo distillers yeast for vodkas and whiskey in small to large quantities from 1oz to 50 pound bags. Mile hi Distilling can definitely help if looking for any size quantities.

Distillers Yeast

If you look around the internet most places sell turbo distillers yeast at a much higher prices.  The fact is we all buy from the same manufacture and place our brand on the bags. So when you see turbo distillers yeast at a higher price that does not mean its better, it’s just over priced.  We buy large quantities directly from these producers and as a result, are able to keep our prices way down.  At Mile Hi Distilling we focus on keeping the customer happy with high-quality and lower prices and hopefully get returning customers.

The Only Distillers Yeast You’ll Ever Need

Turbo distillers yeasts ferment sugar into High alcohol wash. Each of the Turbo distilling yeasts in the Mile Hi Distilling is unique and has been designed to perform very well under different conditions so that you can select exactly the right turbo distillers yeast for your specific needs.

High-Yield Distillers Yeast

Turbo distillers yeast is comprised of a mix of very alcohol tolerant yeast and complex nutrients that quickly ferments a pure sugar or grain solution into alcohol. With the yeast one will get 50 – 100% more alcohol from the same distillation compared to baker’s yeast. Due to its makeup, turbo distilling yeast produces alcohol with a lot less volatility than baker’s yeast. Mile Hi Distilling sells turbo distillers yeast to large, professional distilleries who consequently distill phenomenal products.

48-Hour Turbo Yeast with Mile Hi Distilling

Hey how’s it going. I want to show you how to make some 48-hour turbo yeast for mile hi distilling. All right this is actually formulated by a doctor in Sweden with a PhD in fermontology. This is like the top line turbo yeast you can get. Only from mile hi distilling of course. All right we’re gonna start out with fill the bucket up with some water. I usually just turn up on high as I do like you can sprayer kind of check make sure it’s not like over 104 degrees take few minutes here. Check the temperature again. We’ve got 95 fine fill a bucket about halfway up now what I do I bought two bags of sugar ten-pound bags.

Add Your Sugar

I took two and a half pounds out of one bag so we got seventeen and a half pounds of sugar. I’m just gonna dump that in all this is a sugar water and turbo yeast this actually makes a real clean fermentation.  We’ve just got to make sure to stir until all the sugar is dissolved.  Stir it up make sure it gets done now we add the turbo yeast. You want to make sure this is down about 90 degrees this sugars just regular table sugar I picked up at a Walmart.  Just gotta make sure it’s all dissolved that looks pretty good.  What I’ll do now I’ll top it off to 25 liters which is six and a half gallons actually take the sprayer. Put the sprayer in there Make sure it’s all mixed up.

Check The Temperature

Next, you check the temperature.  Okay 25 liters and it’s 87 degrees 87 degrees. Just perfect almost. You don’t want under you want to start between 90 and 70 but 90s better it gives the turbo yeast a little kick in the ass to get going so we got the 48 hour turbo from Mile Hi Distilling of course. Just a sprinkle it in and stir at the same time just about a minute. What time is it? 2:30. 2:30 okay we’ll come back in a few hours and show them how the airlocks going. This is real cool stuff here and easy and fun to do. At least I think so. That’s all there is to it and we put the lid on if you have a lid without a hole you just leave your lid loose you gotta let your gas escape. Okay want to use an airlock so we got a hole for the airlock.

No Airlock?

Don’t have an airlock?  You just punch a hole in just so you got some way from the gas to get out. I like using the airlock this I can watch it ferment. It’s kind of cool to watch it ferment. Gives you an idea when it’s gonna be done too. But if you got a three-piece airlock make sure pop that cap off or you can end with a big mess, because that cap the hole is too small with all the gas escape.  All right pop that on there like so simple enough 25 liters and it’s about 87 degrees and it’s 2:39.  We’ll come back in about two hours and I’ll show you how that airlock popping away.

Okay We’re Back

Can you see all right? Okay we’re gonna zoom in on the bucket.  Here the air locks popping about once every 5 seconds. It’s been about 2 and half hours since we started this we got a good head of foam inside here the bucket’s about 84 degrees. I like using stick on thermometers. You kind of see out what the temperature is inside there and now this thing kind of smells like a distillery.  I’ll have to move this out the garage later because my wife will kick my ass if I don’t.

So the garage is kind of warm so what I’ll do I’ll take the wet towel and I’ll take the towel wrap around here.  Use a bungee cord to hang on that wet towel and that’ll bring it down about 10 degrees. I’ll have to take that towel off once a day and wet it put it back on there and that works pretty well and in the wintertime if it’s getting too too cold in the room you can use a brew belt. This is from Liquorquick these are pretty cool they work really well. We’re gonna let this thing ferment out for like five to seven days let it go like five seven days you can get 18 to 20 percent alcohol out of it. And that in a reflux still you can get a whole gallon of 95 percent. 95 percent is definitely alcohol fuel so you can burn that in an engine no problem but also it’s a two clearing agent.

Clearing Agent

I want to show you this will basically clear the wash overnight. So what you do you add one part stir it we’ve got 20 minutes later you have the second part stir it the next day I do it in the evenings the next morning.  Basically, it’ll clear it up you know of all the sediment the bottom of your bucket. Let’s only pull this lid off my camera person’s gonna bring a little closer and show you this.  We’re gonna open the bucket up to take a look inside it’s really cool!

It’s only been two and a half hours since we started this and it’s been fermenting like nuts. Look at that head of foam on there cool stuff huh? Yeah this is the 48-hour turbo yeast. I’ll seal that back up. That definitely has a smell to it. Smells like a brewery! And let’s see anything else I want to show you I wrote everything down here let me see. You want to keep it under 90 degrees it’s best to keep around 70. So after your ferment gets going keep it in a cool room. If you found this information useful leave me a positive feedback thank you

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