Replacement Grainfather Pump to replace the pump on your Grainfather. This is a direct replacement pump using the included attachment screws included.

The pump is made up of a single-phase capacitor rated at 110V/120V and 6W at 50/60Hz with a current of 60mA. The magnetic drive will have a max capacity of 11/12 L/min and max head is at 1.5/2.1m

A wide variety of replacement Grainfather parts can be found at Mile Hi to make sure your Grainfather brewer is in the best shape. The replacement pump is adaptable to both the 110volt Grainfather unit or the 240V Grainfather unit. Two screws are included with the pump and setup is as easy as swapping the old pump for the new pump, and screwing back in.

Note: These pumps are not meant to be run dry. Ensure your boiler has liquid in it when attempting to run your Grainfather still at all times to avoid issues with Grainfather parts.