16 Gallon with 3 Inch Torpedo Reflux Tower Two Piece

Introducing our 16 Gallon with 3 Inch Torpedo Reflux Tower Two Piece. One of the most popular 3″ stills on the market, the 3″ diameter Torpedo towers over at 40″ tall and will make any moonshiner happy. Runs as a reflux still or a pot still, increasing productivity by double product output over the 2″ diameter moonshine still towers, and provides a clean end-product. The two-piece still tower design allows for shorter column height when running as a pot still and easy storage.

Standard tower comes with a digital thermometer with 3″ rubber bung. The Stainless Steel upgrade for $69.99 adds a 2.5″ stainless dial thermometer assembly as a replacement for the digital thermometer and bung.

heat sources that can be used with the 16 gallon boiler is gas burner or electric 220V controller with 5500 watt heating element.

Still Package Includes:

  • Gaskets
  • Clamps
  • Thermometer
  • column packing- copper mesh and racshig rings
  • hose package

Please allow 5-8 business days for delivery