2 Inch Diameter Cross-Tube Tower

Please note: This still tower / column has a build lead time and will ship within 1-2 weeks from the date ordered.

Our 2 Inch Diameter Cross-Tube Tower has 30″-tall and 2″ in diameter Stainless Steel Cross-Tube tower coins it’s name from the intricate design of the nipples welded onto the tower. 2 2″ long nipples will be “crossed” through the tower for a clean run. This distiller tower comes complete with a rubber bung, a digital thermometer, 1 2″ clamp and 2 2″ gaskets. This tower cannot be upgraded with a ferrule on top, so a 2.5 dial thermometer won’t fit on the top. However, this tower will be sent with a free bag of yeast for your first run-through!

  • Gaskets
  • Clamps
  • Thermometer
  • tower