These are discounted for scratch and dent and some may not sit level. Only a few of these in stock and will go quickly. 

This 26 gallon can comes with 4” dome lid. If you want a different size lid just note it on your order what size you want. Price is the same for all size lids when purchasing a milk can boiler so just let us know if you want a lid size different then 4″. Lid size options are 2″ , 3″ or 4″ 


1. 4” Ferruled Dome Lid with roll top fitting edge

2. 8” clamp and silicone gasket for domed lid

3. Heavy duty butterfly valve drain

4. 1/2″ female NPT fitting welded on the boiler for thermometer.

5. 2″ Filler Neck

6. Two 2″ tri-clamps for heating elements

7. 2″ Caps

8. Threaded stainless male plug 1/2″ to be used in place of thermometer



19.5″ Diameter x 29.5″ from the base to the top of the lid



47 lbs