8 Gallon with 2 inch Dual Purpose Tower and Gin Basket

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Safety Valve Upgrade

Tower Thermometer


8 Gallon with 2 inch Dual Purpose Tower and Gin Basket

The 8 Gallon with 2 inch Dual Purpose Tower and Gin Basket allows a versatility for both Pot and reflux distilling. This type of versatility was only available to professional distillers until just a few years ago.  The gin basket allows for botanicals to be used in the vapor path added for a very clean and high-tier end product.

Stock tower comes with a digital thermometer, 2″ rubber bung, 3 2″ clamps, 4 2″ gaskets, and a 4″ clamp and gasket to hold in the gin basket. The Stainless Steel upgrade for 69.99 adds a 2.5″ dial thermometer as a replacement for the digital thermometer, and an NPT fitting to tighten the dial thermometer down in place of the bung, as well as an extra clamp and gasket to hold the NPT down.

The added 8 Gallon milk can will come with an additional clamp and gasket to hold a 2″ cap in place, and a 1/2″ threaded plug to keep outside contamination out of your milk can. A heating element can screw into this space with ease as well. A free bag of yeast is sent with every still to get you started right away!


  •  Gaskets
  •  Clamps
  • Thermometer
  • column packing ( copper mesh and 1/4″ racshig rings )
  • hose package with hose menders
  • milk can
  • tower

Please allow 5-8 business days for shipping

The bottom section of the gin basket will come with a built in screen for straining, and the top half will fit snug into your top with condenser arm.


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Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 14 x 31 in

2 reviews for 8 Gallon with 2 inch Dual Purpose Tower and Gin Basket

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    I’ve done about 20 runs so far and the finished product is great, everything is top quality. took me a wile to decide on copper or stainless, stainless is the way to go, so easy to clean.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    We were very impressed with the quality of the still when it arrived.

    Jayson helped us through the buying process by patiently and thoroughly answering our endless list of questions and when we had issues with shipping the team from Mile Hi jumped in to help get the issue with the shipper resolved in a timely manner.

    Jayson then proceeded to take some time out of his busy day to help me understand how to put together and safely operate our new still.

    I can’t recommend the product or people from Mile Hi more highly.

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