Classic Single Whiskey Sachet is a rich golden colored single malt whiskey full flavored to be enjoyed as a sipping whiskey. Makes a smooth , rich, creamy, unblended style whisky hints of chocolate and vanilla.

These sachets are a nice alternative to our flavorings used for the same purpose. Test them side by side for comparison or use them both together! We’re proud to introduce these awesome flavoring packets into Mile Hi.

Easy to use! Simply add one sachet’s contents to 1.2 qt. of 40% ABV neutral spirit. Get rid of any remaining essence content from the sachet by rinsing with neutral spirit.

Two sachets per package. Makes up to 2.25 L or 2.3 US qt (1.125 L/1.2 US qt. per packet)

Ingredients include flavorings and coloring (150d). Includes sulphites. For best shelf life, store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.