The Distiller’s Guide to Rum

Inspired by the recent popularity of rum among cocktail circles, and the advent of so many new rum craft distilleries in North America, The Distiller’s Guide to Rum is a great resource.

By reading this guide you will learn, the story of rum and how it is made, the ingredients, equipment and processes used to make rum; in addition, the lubricious effects of barrel aging, and the various ways that it is done. Also included, a step-by-step description on how to distill and age rum— including a recipe.

by Ian Smiley, Eric Watson and Michael Delevante

Hardcover | 160 pages

1st Section: Historic and Contemporary Rum Producers touches on the story of rum and New England distilleries making rum.

2nd Section: How to Make Rum touches on equipment, ingredients, molasses, fermentation, and distillation of rum + maturation, blending and vatting

3rd Section: Rum Resources touches on rum styles, reinventing rum cocktails, the best rum bars in the world, rum festivals, and bibliography of rum.

The Distiller’s Guide to Rum is a very thorough book. Therefore a great resource for anyone who is passionate and curious about the history and creation of Rum.

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