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Distillers Single Malt Whiskey Recipe Kit ( Liquid Malt Extract )


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Distilling recipe kit for home distilling single malt whiskey.

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Distillers Scotch Single Malt Whiskey Recipe Kit using liquid malt extract so no grain mashing and starch conversion required. Recipe makes 6.5 gallon batch

Distillers single malt whisky recipe kit created for distillers. This single malt whiskey distillers recipe kit includes 100% pure barley malt extract in a liquid form made from barley malt and water. The barley liquid malt extract is an easy to use sugar source for the yeast. This easy to use recipe does not require any grain mashing and starch conversion. It is as easy as a sugar wash but using liquid malt extract in place of the sugar. The grain mashing was already done from a grain processing company and ends up with a concentrated thick liquid syrup 100% barley malt extract.  This single malt whisky distillers kit has the ingredients to make a 6.5 gallon batch and will produce a high quality spirit for those who like a scotch single malt whiskey.  An easy fun recipe that produces great results.

This recipe kit has been assembled to yield a delicious single malt whiskey in a few simple steps. Perfect for first-timers or those with little experience brewing with grain. This recipe will make about 6.5-7 gallons of fermentable mash, producing about 9.5% ABV ( alcohol by volume ) and, after distillation, you’ll have around ¾ gallons of whiskey. With a little tweaking you’ll be able to boost your yields to over a gallon of spirit! You can also use this recipe as a base and add your own specialty grains for your own unique whiskey. See notes below. 


Tools & Ingredients



  1. Rinse and sanitize an 8 gallon fermenter.
  2. Bring to a boil 3.5 gallons of filtered or bottled water in your mash kettle and, while stirring with a mash paddle or spoon, add all of your  malt extract. Make sure none gets stuck to the bottom or it could burn.
  3. Add 2 more gallons of cold water and further cool your mash to 75 ̊F
  4. Draw off about a gallon of mash and put in your sanitized fermenter. With a whisk, stir in your yeast. Wait about 30 minutes or until you see the yeast start to bubble.
  5. Pour the rest of the mash into your sanitized fermenter. Add your yeast and mash slurry and close your fermenter, putting the airlock on top.
  6. Ferment for 4-5 days. Check your fermentation with a hydrometer. When your gravity has stopped dropping and remains steady for 12 hours, fermentation is done.
  7. Using a syphon or spigot and hose, move your fermented mash into your still. Carefully make sure you minimize the yeast cake in the transfer to your still as it can burn and cause off flavors.
  8. Gently heat your wash to 175 ̊F and dial in the water flow to your reflux condenser /dephlegmator until your distillate is running off at 80 proof or below. If you using a pot still pack the column with copper mesh and or run real slow to get higher percentage spirit. 
  9. Make your foreshots and heads cuts. Reserve as much hearts as possible. Once you’ve made your tails cut, you can stop distilling or reserve your tails and use them to increase your yields for your next run.
  10. age your whiskey in glass jars with oak chips, oak spirals or age in an oak barrel. ( oak chips included in the kit )



  1. If you are going to add specialty grains to your recipe, heat 3 gallons of water to 150 ̊F and steep your grain at that temperature for 45 minutes. You will need a grain bag, bazooka filter, or false bottom for your kettle. Once your grain has been mashed you can stir in your malt extract but, be careful not to heat your mash higher than 160 ̊F.
  2. To boost your yields in both fermented ABV and amount of finished spirits, add 1.5 teaspoons each of alpha amylase and glucoamylase. These are available on the Mile Hi Distilling website.
  3. Once finished distilling, you can age your white whiskey in a mason jar or another glass or stainless steel container (avoid plastic) and soak oak spirals, oak chips, or oak barrels in it for an aged product.


Recipe Kit Includes;

easy step by step instructions

16.5 lbs liquid malt extract

1 lb bag of medium toasted oak chips

1 packet of distillers yeast with nutrients



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