Distilling Class Workshop

Distilling Class Workshop 9:00am – 4:00pm | 2 Day Introduction to Distilling Course & Workshop, Distilling Class


Introduction to Distilling Day 1: Distillation                                          Distilling Day 2: Logistics

Pre-Production                                                                                                        Commercial Logistics

Water quality, water testing, and pH adjustments                                                      Facilities selection, building, and fire codes

Grain mashes and sugar washes                                                                              Regulatory jurisdictions and Federal/State licensing

Enzymes, yeast, and infusions                                                                                 Local rules, self-distribution rights, and tasting rooms

Record keeping and data management                                                                     Marketing

Malting vs. cereal mashing                                                                                      Developing a budget, pricing and promoting your spirits

Temperature and time management                                                                        Defining your market, reaching your market

Distillation                                                                                                             On-premise and off-premise, promotions and product placement

Types of stills, columns, and infrastructure                                                               Sales & Distribution

Types of runs, stripping, and proof                                                                          Supplier responsibility, distributor expectations

Heads, hearts, and tails                                                                                         Distribution types, selection, forms, and channels

Whiskey, gin, rum, and vodka runs                                                                         Contract, franchise, and control states


Filtration of vodkas and rums

Infusion of vodkas and rum Introduction to