Distilling System Control Software                                             

Step up to the 21st century by using the ShotoLab Distilling System Control Software to control and monitor your still using a laptop computer and get the most out of your equipment.

The System allows you to monitor all of your stills operating parameters such as temperature, pressure, reflux, and heat. All of the data is simultaneously displayed and plotted on the computer to give you real-time information on your column’s performance.

Its flexible design allows it to be configured to any still with varying degrees of complexity. You can use advanced PID controllers to control the column top temperature or type in the amount of reflux you desire and the system will keep track of it.

The best part is that all of your run data is saved for future analysis to determine why one run produced a superior product over another.       

Turn 7 devices on or off.

Measure 8 temperatures

Measure 2 higher voltages

With power supply ( not included ) can control valves.

This item includes software and boards only. There are separate kits that include all thermocouple wire, pressure transducer, the current sensor, flow meter, power supply, and control valve. see below


Price $2500

Basic Kit;

-Software and Boards

-Thermocouple Wells which include; column flanges, condenser, vapor tube, thermowell for liquid in boiler, and thermocouple wire

-Pressure Transducer

-Heat Measurement ( 2 current Sensors )

Price $ 3000 

Deluxe Kit;

same as above with

– Power supply for control valve

– Deplagamator Control Valve

– 50′ hook up wire

Price $ 4000

Premium Kit;

All of the above with

– Replacement Relay for Computer Heat Control

– Alarm Kit for three high or low-level alarm buzzers

– condenser water flow meter with optional condenser controll valve

– 25′ hook up wire

Price $ 4500

Check out our video demonstration of the amazing distilling software in action:

Also, check out our Distilling Software Data Review video:

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