DIY Ready-to-Mount Copper Tube 2 Inch x 36 Inch

Use our DIY Ready-to-Mount Copper Tube 2 Inch x 36 Inch. 36″-tall, copper tube with stainless steel ferrule soldered on. Comes complete with 2″ clamp and 2″ gasket. It is ready to mount on Mile Hi milk can boiler with the same size ferrule on the lid. The 2″ ferrule will mount to a standard beer keg.

Now you can build your own still tower and don’t have to worry about how to connect the boiler to the tower. I’ve received many calls from you, wanting to build your own copper tower, but wasn’t sure how to connect it to a boiler. I got that part taken care of for you. Now you can spend your precious time on designing and building a tower of your dreams

Ships within 5 business days