From Harvest To Moonshine

From Harvest to Moonshine has brought out from the closet the modern day methods of producing moonshine without the many side effects and hangovers associated with it by reputation. It covers methods and techniques that many commercial spirit manufactures are using today, with a touch of moonshine nostalgia to keep it authentic.

Make your own favorite beverages

Germinate and malt your own grain

Use many grain types and potatoes

Ferment your own wash

Distil your own spirit

Make your own liqueurs


197 pages paperback

by Byron Ford


Learn things like:

Beer Brewing

Sugar and Water Wash Steps

Definitions of Spirit Types

Malting of Grains

Un-malted Grain Preparation

Whiskey/Brandy/Grappa/Rum/Potato Alcohol/Sugar Beet Alcohol/Gin/Tequila and many other Liqueur Production

Filtration Methods

Cleaning and Sterilizing Equipment

Coloring and Thickening Methods


Essential Oil and Herb Extraction + Extracting Oil from Leaves

Drinking Tales from the Author

Helpful Tables and Measurements

Help with Common Problems During Distillation (When All Else Fails chapter)

“Moonshine Talk” Definitions

…and more with this book


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