Grainfather Conical Fermenter will give you top-quality fermentation control with a sleek design. Basic Grainfather Fermenter unit does NOT include the Digital Temperature Controller and Dual Valve Tap

Double walled .304 stainless steel walls keep the outside sturdy, while an heavy layered, insulated inside made of polyurethane will keep a stable temperature and keep temperatures from the environment at a minimum while you ferment.

Easy heating with the heating element will make sure your fermentation has the right environment to thrive and a cooling sleeve between the walls of the stainless can be hooked up with the Glycol Chiller and can be used to cool your wort or mash to work evenly with the integrated heater.

A professional design Grainfather Fermenter will allow yeast sediment or other particulate to drop down to the bottom without sticking to the sides, which enables a clean transfer into your still and easy cleaning of the unit afterwards. The design will also help with mixing.

Helpful Information:

  • Body made of 304 Stainless, polished inside, and brushed outside
  • 30 L (8 US Gal) capacity with handy markings on the inside for the 25L mark
  • 12V and 30W heating element
  • 1.5″ ferrule on top of fermenter for additional Grainfather parts and attachments
  • 2″ ferrule at bottom of fermentation unit
  • Diameter of unit (includes handles on unit): 14.1″
  • Height of unit fully assembled: 42.9″ tall
  • Weight of unit: 28.5 LB

*Fermenter is drop shipped and will arrive separately