Hickory flavor honey comb stick for aging

Level of toast: Medium

Type of wood: Hickory (hints of honey, barbecue, smoked bacon, apple sauce, coconut)

High quality wood toasted through, an effective oaking at a good speed, and can be broken down to your desired volume. One stick can flavor up to 5 gallons.


Instructions for use:

Insert 1 linear inch of honey comb aging stick per 1 gallon of beer, wine or spirit directly into container or vessel where liquid is held. One full honey comb stick will flavor up to 5 gallons.

Tie line from stick to outside of container for easy extraction of stick.

Honey comb stick for oak aging is designed flavor fast due to surface area, so we recommend checking your spirit every week until you have your desired flavor and taste.

Estimated aging process will be finished in six weeks, but remember to check and take out sooner if needed.