Jimmy Red Corn For Distilling

Jimmy Red Corn for distilling has been used by bootleggers to make moonshine whiskey for almost 100 years. This Variety of heirloom corn almost went extinct in the early part of 2000’s, but two remaining ears of this Jimmy Red Corn were found and used to revive it. Now this Jimmy Red Corn is back in the whiskey still. A deep red to purple color and produces a unique bourbon whiskey that will set apart from other corn whiskey or whisky products. The corn has an unusually large germ that is the central of the kernel which holds all the flavor that distillers  love.  Jimmy Red is a  heirloom variety corn that dates back to mid 1840’s. A unique non GMO corn that makes a premium bourbon whisky. This gives the hand crafted distiller a chance to create a unique Jimmy Red moonshine Whiskey Bourbon.

5 lb Bag of cracked corn. This is not whole kernel corn