Liquor Quik Hypnotized Blue Essence – 20ml

Liquor Quik Hypnotized Blue Essence – 20ml flavoring is for a neutral spirit or moonshine alcohol. This essence is an intoxicating French blend of passion fruit & tropical fruit flavors, vodka and brandy. This essence includes a 1 ounce bottle of citric acid enhancer. In addition, this flavoring is a favorite for many devoted liqueur drinkers. You can easily add this essence alcohol flavoring to your own distilled spirit or moonshine. This flavoring can also be used to flavor a cheap vodka. It is always best to filter moonshine and neutral spirits with a carbon filter and then add different flavorings to make your own liquors. Finally, you can add this essence alcohol flavoring directly into a neutral spirit.

This collection of essences are available in 20ml bottles and in many flavors. Each bottle of essence makes approximately 30 fl. oz. (850 ml)