Moonshiners Manual – An all-around guide to distilling

Moonshiners Manual intends to preserve a dying art—the American tradition of the art of moonshining. Since 1776 the art of moonshining has been passed down by word-of-mouth and apprenticeship. This book is the result of a collection of stories from men and women, saints and sinners alike, who have mastered the art of moonshine. Rest assured, all the information here has been tried and tested and condensed for your use.

By Michael Barlycorn

Paperback |156 pgs

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

History of Moonshing

Chapter 2

Moonshine , The principles of distillation and the moonshine Mystique

Chapter 3

The Country Still , The still and how to build it

Chapter 4

The Mash, grain and fruit recipes

Chapter 5

The Run , Setting up, the run, the whiskey

Chapter 6

Aging and Bottling , Barrel and bottle aging, the powers of oak

Chapter 7

The Kitchen Still How to build and run a still in the kitchen


Chapter 8

Spirits , Drinks from around the world

Chapter 9

Moonshine and the law , some of the legal aspects

recipes on page 133-136