Mr. Distiller Triple Distilled Turbo Yeast Makes up to 2 U.S. gallons.
Comes with Mr. Distiller Nutrient packet.
Note: Add yeast with nutrient, add to your mash, and stir well when using.
Instructions: To make 2 U.S. Gallons, pour 1.6 gallons of warm water (about 90 Degrees Fahrenheit) into your fermenter. Next, add 5 pounds of sugar and mix well until sugar is completely dissolved. Add the nutrient packet and the yeast and stir for one minute, thoroughly. Leave to ferment at temperatures between 65-75F until fermentation ceases (takes 7 to 8 days) Complete fermentation times are temperature dependent. Once fermentation is complete, use clearing agent to clear wash in 24 hours or let sit for about 7 days for wash to clear itself

Important Notice: After your sugar is dissolved, cool to 70-80 Degrees Fahrenheit before adding your yeast. Any temperature 60 Degrees Fahrenheit or lower will cause your yeast to become dormant as well

 Instructions will also be labeled on bag of yeast.