The Single Malt Whisky essence flavoring has a unique whisky flavor with all of the rich oak and subtle fruit flavor you expect from a single malt and adds a small but noticeable peat taste in the body.

You can easily add this essence alcohol flavoring to your own distilled spirit or moonshine. This flavoring can also be used to flavor a cheap vodka. It is always best to filter moonshine and neutral spirits with a carbon filter and then add different flavorings to make your own liquors. Finally, you can add this essence alcohol flavoring directly into a neutral spirit.

This collection of essences are available in 50ml bottles and in many flavors. Each bottle of essence makes 2.25 liters (4.75 US Pints) or 3 x 750ml bottles (3 x 26oz).

Available in regular  Whisky Essence and Smokey Malt Whiskey here: