Sterlco 56-T

Made in the USA Sterlco 56-T Temprerature Actuated Valve. Both of the large fuel stills (the FFS and the Charles 803) require the use of an automatic valve in order to regulate the internal reflux temperature of the still. For years the plans have called for a Johnson control valve, V47AA-aC, 2C or V47AB-3C or 4C. However, today, we have another option with the Sterlco type 56T. The Sterlco Type 56T 140-240 is the same thing as a V47AB-4C, however, it is more sensitive to temperature change and will maintain the internal temperature more consistently than the Johnson valve, making it more suitable for column still use. This thermostatic cooling control valve has everything you need for reliable temperature control. The Sterlco¨ 56-T Temperature Actuated Water Regulating Valve evenly regulates cooling water and other fluids in the most rugged applications. ItÕs ideal for hydraulic power packaged equipment, hydraulic presses or wherever reliable performance is required. The 56-T Valve is available in six different temperature ranges. To ensure dependability, every valve is factory-tested three times in different temperature baths. For the temperature control you need, get the valve that can deliver.

inlet and outlet is female 1/2″ pipe thread

sensor has 3/4″ male pipe thread