The Alaskan Bootlegger’s Bible by author Leon W. Kania.

The Alaskan Bootlegger’s Bible will teach you on how to make beer, wine, cider, moonshine and different spirits. 30 years of experience from author Leon W. Kania will give you in-depth knowledge and teach you just how it’s done. Leon teaches you recipes on many different types of spirits, brews, wines and ciders and also show you how to make moonshine equipment with full illustrations. This book also include instructions on operations and plans for your still. Some are built with components found in most home kitchens.  Recipes, instructions on building kegs, malting equipment and even scales from sometimes household equipment is included in the material as well.

A nice and easy read, this book entertains you with stories from the author’s Alaskan days and mixes in bizarre recipes like whiskey made from… “products”… of a horse.