Vintners Harvest Sweet Cherry Puree

Vintners Harvest Sweet Cherry Puree for distilling spirits. 49 oz. can (3 lbs. 1 oz.) Uses Lambent variety cherries. This includes Dark Sweet and Royal Anne cherries. No seeds or preservatives in the puree.

Boiling puree can cause off flavors.

Get your desired Specific Gravity by adding sugar, then keep fruit mash with yeast at around 80 degrees Fahrenheit (23 degrees C) while in fermentation stage. Estimated fermentation time is 3 days.

Puree can also be added to moonshine recipe or neutral spirit after distillation to add flavor back.

Has pH Level of: 3.7-4.1

Brix: 22 Degrees-27 Degrees

Specific Gravity: 1.092-1.115 (About 12%-15% Alcohol by Volume)

Color: Dark Red