Grain Based Yeast Nutrient, DistilaVite® HY is a liquid yeast nutrient specifically designed for use in grain-based beverage alcohol fementations. This grain based yeast nutrient contains a proprietary blend of race minerals and natural enzymes including proteolytic activities to optimize nutrient availability.

Grain Based Yeast Nutrient DistilaVite® HY promotes rapid and extended yeast growth, leading to fast start to fermentation while ensuring a more complete finish to fermentation. This yest is intended for use in grain based alcohol fermentation of corn, wheat, rye, barley, and malted grain.

Directions for use:

Use .010% by weight of grain which equates to roughly 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of mash / wash.
DistilaVite® HY Grain Based Yeast Nutrient can be added to the fermenter or the cooker at the cooling end of the cook at temperatures below 122F ( 50C )


Should be stored in a cool, dry area for maximum stability and optimal shelf life. When stored under these conditions,the product is stable for twelve months from the date of


Note: This is a yeast nutrient only and will need to pair with yeast to work. We suggest to use this yeast nutrient with corn whiskey yeast or single malt whisky yeast