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Stainless and Copper Moonshine Stills proudly made in Colorado, USA since 2003 Beware of Cheap Chinese knockoffs of my towers are on other websites!Stainless & Copper Moonshine Stills proudly made in Colorado since 2003

Our Copper Alembic Stills are functional and artisan gradeMile Hi Flute for Micro distilleries or serious home hobbyist.

Mile Hi Flute for Micro distilleries or serious home hobbyist. See the distillation action through the glass windows and amaze all your friends. The Flute is the most versatile still around making anything from whiskey to Vodka

Flute stills for sale for whiskey and vodka

Our Copper Alembic Stills are functional and artisan grade

Moonshine Stills and Distilling Equipment For Sale

Welcome to MHD the one stop shop for all your distilling and moonshine still supplies. 

Milehidistilling was the first and is the originator of the milk can moonshine stills. Mile hi distilling In business since 2002 over 14 years.

We have over 600 products for home distilling and supplies for micro distilleries from stills to turbo yeast we have the largest selection in the world. Please look around and have fun. If you have any questions give us a call 303-987-3955

My Distiller Towers Boilers and Moonshine stills are protected by federal copyright Laws.

Our moonshine stills and alcohol stills each hand made from the highest quality stainless steel and craftsmanship. We cater to all your distilling needs.

  All of our distilling equipment is made for new and seasoned distillers and are very user friendly.  Our moonshine stills are built from 100% stainless steel our distillers are very durable and easy to clean.  We build these moonshine stills so well you will be handing them down to further generations.  Our includes our new patent pending distiller, doubling the speed and producing at 95%. We can guarantee you will not find a better-built moonshine or alcohol still anywhere.  They are well suited for many applications ranging from ethanol distilling, moonshine, essential oil extracting, and can even be used for water distillation and purification. Mile Hi Distilling manufactures and ships to our customers within 5-10 business days without delay.

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About Moonshine & Distilling

Moonshine. Branchwater. Fire water. White lightning. There are many names for homemade moonshine alcohol and just as many reasons why a person decides to distill their own spirits using a moonshine still. For some, especially in the Appalachians, home distilling is a time honored tradition and family moonshine recipes for the perfect sippin’ whiskey are closely guarded. Some people see it as a business or a way of supplementing income during hard times. Still others simply like to know what they’re drinking; they want control of the ingredients that are used in their moonshine and that type of control can only happen when you’re distilling the product yourself. Along with all those factors, the upswing in the DIY movement, of getting back to the land and becoming more self-sufficient, has led to a resurrection of the time honored craft of distilling moonshine.

The history of distilled spirits is as old as mankind. Virtually every civilization, every country, and every ethnic group, has always had it’s own special type of distilled moonshine. It would be safe to say that the hankering for alcohol is a human need, although not exclusively a human desire. Even in nature, animals will seek out fermented fruit to get a little buzz on. Inside a copper moonshine still, the alchemy of fermentation turns simple sugars, fruits, and grains into a drink that brings people together in pubs, over dinner tables, at the joy of weddings, and the sorrow of wakes.

Here in the melting pot of the USA cultures from all over the world brought their libations of choice, along with the secrets of how they’re made using moonshines stills. Scotch, Irish whisky, rye, bourbon, rum — only in America was there such a readily available choice of spirits. Today there are roughly 200,000 moonshiners operating in the US. In spite of that it was, and still is, illegal to make moonshine, largely because commercially produced alcohol is a huge source of revenue for the federal government. Alcohol taxes account for about five percent of the country’s revenue. And yet, despite the risks associated with home distilling, which can include hefty fines the distilling craft continues to grow. Once an activity that only took place in remote locations under the watchful eye of the moon, people are now distilling in garages, basements, backyards, and spare bedrooms. From the boondocks to suburbia, people are getting their shine on and whether you’re a novice or an experienced distiller we have the moonshine still and products you need to get you going on your journey. Let’s take a walk in the moonlight.

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