How to Make Vodka: A Distiller’s Guide

How to Make Vodka: A Distillers Guide With Tips From Industry Experts! In this article we're going to walk you through how to make your own vodka. We'll cover everything from making your own potato mash all the way to jarring. All of the supplies you'll need can be found

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Distilling Moonshine

Distilling Moonshine Distilling moonshine is age old tradition going back hundreds of years by people all over the world.  A  still is an apparatus designed to create a homemade mash whiskey called "moonshine." A moonshine still gets its name from the necessity to run distilling operations under cover of darkness, ideally when the moon is full.

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High-Quality Home Distilling Equipment & Products

High-Quality Home Distilling Equipment & Products Distilling is both, a science and an art. At Mile Hi Distilling, we perfectly understand this sentiment and hence bring to you a range of top-grade distilling equipment and products that are guaranteed to satisfy every home distiller’s needs.

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Copper Stills: Pros and Cons

Copper Stills: Pros and Cons While there are other still materials available-you can take your pick of materials like stainless steel or even aluminum -there's a definite reason why most distillers still go for copper stills. If you're new to distilling alcohol, read on to figure out why a copper still for sale is a

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Making Moonshine? Essential Safety Tips to Remember

Making Moonshine? Essential Safety Tips to Remember Making moonshine is illegal. But that hasn't stopped a lot of people from experimenting with their own home brews. The process does come with a few risks, though. So here are a few tips for safer distilling at home: Brush up on the law Before you do anything

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Making Schnapps

Making Schnapps The Mash: Of course, an important part of making schnapps is the mash. In fact, some would say it is the single most important aspect of distilling a schnapps. What type of fruit do you want to use in your mash? Apples, pears, peaches, cherries and other similar fruits are very popular for

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Which Moonshine Still Is Right for You

Which Moonshine Still Is Right for You?   Some moonshiners are looking for any still to get right into the artisan craft and art of distillation, but there’s a fair number of our customers who know what they want to specialize in, but don’t know what they need to achieve it.  Some only want to

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Turbo Yeast

Turbo Moonshine Alcohol Yeast - How and What to Use Mile Hi Distilling is home to a number of different turbo yeast distiller yeast for alcohol strains. This article is written to describe the differences to help you pinpoint what kind of distillers alcohol yeast suits you the best, what kind of yeast is

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Moonshine Stills

Moonshine Distilling Moonshine stills have been made in many different shapes and sizes since ancient times. A moonshine still refers to an alcohol distiller that makes moonshine. Moonshine is most often illegally made liquor because it is made and sold without paying taxes. These high proof spirits are usually made from corn with a copper

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