Best Distillers and Stills Available

Mile Hi Distilling has provided the world’s largest selection of high quality moonshine and whiskey distilling products since 2003. Our distillers are TIG welded in house by qualified welders with over 15 years of experience, so they perform unlike any other distilling equipment you will find out there.

No other company can come close to the high caliber quality of our distillers and distilling parts. Unlike lots of other companies who offer cheap knockoff distillers made in china with substandard copper and steel, we offer the highest quality moonshine and whiskey distillers made from the best grade copper and steel.  As a result, our customers know that they can expect a great experience when using our products.

At Mile Hi, we are passionate about distilling, and we love to provide our valued customers with the best of the best equipment.  That way they can focus on the art of distilling knowing that they are using dependable and quality equipment.

Quality Welding and Affordable Stills

Coming from a welding background we place a very high standard on creating the best distillers you can find while offering them at a fair price.  A lot of companies mark up their distillers more than 200% while using cheaper materials.  At Mile Hi, we think that’s just plain wrong.  That’s why we stand behind our products and are certain that you’ll love the handcrafted quality and expertise that we invest in each of our distillers.

High Caliber Distillation Supplies

You may be asking yourself where to buy distillation supplies or if there is a distillery supply store near me.  Look no further.  Mile Hi Distilling is here to supply you with any of the distillation supplies, parts, and equipment that you could ever need.  We ship nationwide and provide the best of the best when it comes to our distillers.  Whether you need Brew Pots & Mash Pots, Turbo 500 Stills and Towers, Copper Alembic Whiskey Distillers, Stainless Distillers, and Moonshine Stills, or any other equipment, we have you covered.

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