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Distilling Consulting Services By Downslope Consulting
Need advice for starting a micro distillery? Downslope is where to help with all your questions, give classes and distilling consulting services.

Basic Service – Unlimited phone or email consultation for 3 months – $250.00

Topics can include:

Yeast, Nutrient and Enzyme Selection
Fermentables – Sugar, Corn Grain,etc.
Wash and Mash Preparation
Distillation Techniques – Still types – Mile-Hi Stills
Filtration Techniques
Spirit Evaluation
Gauging and Proofing
Ageing – Barrel Types and Alternative Methods
TTB Compliance and Other Topics

Distillery Evaluation

8 hour Session to Evaluate Distillery Design and Function – $250.00

Traveling Expenses Extra if Outside Colorado

TTB and State Applications and Compliance
Distillery Construction and Equipment Selections
Spirit Production – Washes, Distillations, Filtrations
Bottling Units and Bottling
Barrel Selections
TTB Compliance
Open Topics

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