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Want to learn different moonshine recipes?  You’re in the right place.  Learn from our easy step-by-step moonshine recipes that show you new and different ways to make your favorite spirit even better.

Since 2003, our team at Mile Hi Distilling has collected a range of free moonshine recipes for anybody interested in learning the fun hobby of home moonshine distilling.  We love to discover and pass on new and interesting moonshine recipes so that you can create the most unique batches of homemade whiskey using our moonshine still kits.  We also carry everything you need to start on your distilling venture.  From a range of different styles of stills and complete still kits, to supplies and ingredients like distillers yeast and oak barrels, Mile Hi Distilling is your one-stop-shop for anything homemade distilling.

With over 14 years experience building and selling distilling supplies we’re sure you’ll find everything needed for home distilling in our shop.  One of the best distillers we sell is the duel purpose 8 gallon, it can be used for both pot or reflux distilling. The Grainfather Brewing System is another excellent unit we carry if you’re looking for more convenience. The dual purpose still can be used with any moonshine recipe on the internet or the books we sell have great moonshine recipes.

How to Make Moonshine Recipe

Making moonshine is an art that has roots stretching thousands of years into our past. Getting hands on with this process is a way to experience history first-hand. The overall process is relatively simple on its face. However, as with so many things, once you begin the process of trial and error you will learn the nuances that can make is quite challenging. Starting off the process with the right moonshine ingredients will make all the difference in the spirits that you’ll be able to create.  A quick and simple overview of the process of making moonshine is as follows:


  • Gather Your Materials and Moonshine Ingredients
  • Mix Your Chosen Type of Mash
  • Ferment Your Mash
  • Prepare Your Still
  • Transfer Fermented Mash to Your Still
  • Run Your Still
  • Separate Foreshots, Heads, Hearts, and Tails
  • Clean Your Still

For a more complete guide on making moonshine, check out our how to make moonshine article. We also have complete guides on how to make vodka, how to make rum, and how to make gin.

Cocktail Recipes

Below you’ll find some amazing moonshine recipes and moonshine mash recipe guides that we’ve discovered throughout the distilling community.  Try them for yourself and let us know how your batch of shine turns out!

Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe featured image

In this guide, we explain two different step-by-step recipes for making a delicious batch of Apple Pie Moonshine.

Create your own bitters to use in your homemade cocktails. 

Do you enjoy vodka?  Do you enjoy espresso?  If so, ever tried mixing them together?  Try out this espresso vodka recipe.

Mountain Dew Recipe

In making “Mountain Dew” or “White Lightning’” the first step is to convert the starch of the grain into sugar. (Commercial distillers use malt.) This is done by “sprouting” the corn. Shelled, whole corn is covered with warm water in a container with a hole in the bottom. Place a hot cloth over it. Add warm water from time to time as it drains.

Keep in a warm place for about 3 days or until corn has 2 inch sprouts. Dry it and grind it into meal. Make mush (or mash) with boiling water. Add rye mash that has been made the same way, if you have it. Yeast (1/2 pound per 50 gallons of mash) may be added to speed up the fermentation if you have it. Without it, 10 or more days will be required instead of about 4. In either case, it must be kept warm. When the mash gets through “working” or bubbling up and settles down, it is then ready to run. At this stage, the mash has been converted into carbonic acid and alcohol. It is called “wash” or beer and it is sour.

Key Lime Moonshine Recipe



Key lime juice


Coconut extract

Moonshine neutral spirit of vodka neutral spirit


Put 1.5 cups of water in a pot on the stove with 1 cup of sugar and bring to a boil stirring continuously so the sugar dissolves in the water. Add 3 TBSP of key lime juice or lime juice. ¼ tsp of vanilla extract and ½ tsp of coconut extract. Let simmer for 3 minutes then cool to room temperature. Pour contents into a one quart mason jar and top off with moonshine neutral spirit or vodka neutral spirit. Refrigerate then enjoy.

Lemon Cream Moonshine Recipe



Lemon juice


Coffee creamer ( powdered, regular flavor )

Moonshine neutral spirit or vodka neutral spirit


Put 1.5 cup of water in a pot on the stove with 1 cup of sugar and bring to a boil stirring continuously so the sugar dissolves in the water. Add 4 TBSP of Lemon juice. 2 TBSP of coffee creamer ( powdered, regular flavor ). Squeeze ½ fresh lemon into the mixture. Let simmer for 3 minutes then cool to room temperature. Pour contents into a one quart mason jar and top off with 140 proof moonshine neutral spirit or vodka neutral spirit. Should end up at about 80 proof.  Remove pulp from lemon and twist rind into the jar and leave in the jar. Place in the freezer, shake before drinking. A nice summertime treat.

This recipe can be easily adjusted up or down with creamer and or sugar to get the taste you like. Experiment to create your moonshine recipes.

It is legal to own a moonshine still or alcohol still, but illegal to produce and sell alcohol without a proper license.