2 Inch Copper Pot Still Tower 

New 2 Inch Copper Pot Still Tower with thermo port and free 3” dial thermometer.


All Tig welded for extra strength tig welding looks much cleaner than sloppy solder joints.


We also polish the tower after welding to give the tower that beautiful shiny copper look.


Tower is about 14” with 27” Leibeg condenser that attaches with a union fitting.


The union fitting gives you the option to but the condenser at any angle you like and comes apart for easy storage.


Tower base has a 2” ferrule welded on the bottom to fit our milk cans or beer keg.


Most other companies just use solder leaving messy joints and only wire brush the tower.


I want to make sure you get the best tower possible so we used thicker copper and tig welded the joints and took the extra time to polish the copper no other company does this.

The still includes:

  • 3″ dail Thermomiter
  • Clamp

Please allow 5-10 business days to ship


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