This still has a lead time of 2-4 weeks. 
The new 3 Gallon with 2 Inch Mighty Mini Dual Purpose Tower, 2″ diameter, 20″ tall tower can be used as a reflux or a pot still. If you are looking for a high-quality distiller that can be used as a reflux or a pot still, and just don’t have a lot of room, or just looking for something small, this is a great little distiller. The Mighty Mini with 3 gallons of 18% is capable of producing 24oz an hour of 186 proof (93%). About 1.8 quarts was collected from the test run.
The stock tower comes with a digital thermometer, 2″ rubber bung, one 2″ clamp, and two 2″ gaskets. The Stainless Steel upgrade for $69.99 adds a 2.5″ dial thermometer as a replacement for the digital thermometer, and an NPT fitting to tighten the dial thermometer down in place of the bung, as well as an extra clamp and gasket to hold the NPT down. A free bag of yeast is sent with every still to get you started right away!
Unit includes:
Milk can with tri-clamp fitting for the heating element
Hoses and Tower packing
Free bag of yeast