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Copper Stills

We build high quality Copper Stills and towers to produce the quality distilled spirits. High quality tig welded Copper Stills. While being excellent conductors of heat, stills made of copper also pass on flavor profiles into the distilled spirits.

High Quality Copper Stills

At Mile Hi Distilling we have all the Copper Stills, Copper Parts & Copper Tubing to build a high-quality moonshine distiller or copper alcohol still.

Our stills are fully polished to show the beauty of the workmanship put into the copper itself.  Other companies only do a matt finish for their copper stills.  We believe our costumers deserve the best, so we take the extra time and tig weld all the copper stills for durability.  When you own a Mile Hi Distilling still or handmade tower, you won’t see nasty solder joints or sub-par craftsmanship.

Copper Stills Made In The USA

The copper tubing we use for building these beauty copper stills is made in the USA.  Just like all the stainless stills we manufacturer are made to last a lifetime and to be passed on for further generations. Mile Hi Distilling has the largest selection and highest quality of distillers and parts for the fun hobby of home distilling.

copper still

Copper Stills Pro Models

Since copper is the perfect metal for heat conduction and consistency, our Pro Model Series of Copper Stills are perfect for distilling the highest quality spirits.

Our copper stills are the best stills on the market today.  We only sell the best of the best stills that come out of our shop.  Watch the below video walkthrough of our various sized Pro Model Series copper stills and see why Mile Hi Distilling is the best in the business.

Hey this is Jason at Mile Hi Distilling. I want to take a few minutes and show you our new torpedo Pro in copper the dual purpose pro model in copper and the Mighty mini pro model in copper.  We make these in stainless and we’ve made those for a couple of years but now we’re making them in copper they’re pretty neat let’s take a look.

Mighty Mini Copper

Over here on the mighty mini.  It comes standard just like the stainless ones they have the upgraded thermometer.  The sight glass is included and all this design column is modular so you can take this reflux jacket out and take it out completely drop it down and run it as a pot still.  Or you can put the sight glass below there reflux condenser and watch the reflux happening, or you can keep it like it’s set up right here. This includes screen gaskets they all include screen gaskets with them with the sight everything you see here is what you get so you get a 2-inch screen gasket with the mighty mini.

You can put that screen gasket in here underneath this sight glass and use this as a Gin basket or a botanical infusion for fruit or like Gin for botanicals for gin or spices for a spiced whiskey.  Or you know you get creative and do what you want with it.  If you wanted more housing for botanicals you could purchase another sight glass and go a little taller or a column extension or you put the screen gasket down here and fill this whole thing up with botanicals.

The jacketed condenser, you can turn to the front to the back you can swing it to the back to the front you can turn the whole column.  So it has that modular design where you can just rotate it the way you want to.  The condenser you can move the water ports to the back to the front to the side whatever you want and you just tighten up your union it good to go.  This is the mighty mini with a 3 gallon.

Copper Dual-Purpose Pro

This is a dual-purpose Pro with an 8 gallon and it’s the same design.  It has the union nut here you can rotate the condenser any way you want sight glass reflux jacket thermometer.

Copper 3-Inch Torpedo Pro

Then here is the 3-inch torpedo Pro.  This one has a beefy condenser same thing you need not here you can turn and rotate the water ports to the front to the back inside outside and you can swing the arm same way with this clamp on top.

This one includes a 3-inch gasket it’s a three-inch column a 3-inch screen gasket and you do the same thing with that, put botanicals in it. It has a reflux condenser but it’s called a cold finger condenser it’s a little different than a jacket.  But they work really well.  And it’s copper, it’s neat you can take these out drop it down under there’s a pot still this is set on a 16 gallon.  All of our milk cans include a cap clamp and gasket, so the heating ports you can just cap it off and use an electric hot plate. Or you can use a gas burner or they’re there if you want to use a heating element.

So if you don’t want to use a heating element right away so you have a turkey burner or gas burner.  And you want to start with that and then, later on, go electric.  It’s there for you when you need it.  They do include a threaded plug for each one of these has a place for a thermometer.  The three-gallon doesn’t but the 8 gallons and the 16 and the 26 and the 53 those do this here you just include the threaded plug but if you wanted to purchase a thermometer and put a thermometer in the boiler on each one of these and I think that’s it. Thank you for watching and have a good day!  See ya.

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