Please note that this still currently has a lead time of 5-7 days 

26 Gallon Copper Pot Still with brandy/ whisky helmet and stainless jacket. All copper kettle with copper whiskey/ Brandy helmet and stainless shotgun style ( tube and shell ) condenser with distillers parrot. This still can be heated with steam, 220V electric element in jacket with oil, or hot water re-circulation. A true baine marie style still which is a double boiler so you can distill on the grain or on the fruit. An excellent choice to make premium spirits like brandy, whiskey, bourbon, grappa, and schnapps.

complete still includes 2″ drain valve, sight glass for fluid level in jacket, 4″ viewing window, drains from the bottom center of the kettle, distillers parrot, and stainless dial thermometer.

Needs a heat source ;

heat source can be steam, 220V electric controller with hot oil in the jacket, or hot water re-circulation using a Temperature Control Unit.


64″ tall


19″ diameter stainless jacketed copper kettle

Ships by truck. estimated shipping is $350

NOTE: These stills are shipped via freight. Additional freight charges may apply depending on the shipping location