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Copper and Stainless Flute Stills for Sale.
Flute Stills are sectional distilling columns with copper plates in between each section. Each section has a three inch viewing window. The flute sections are made of copper or stainless and go together with tri-clamps and gaskets. This modular design allows the distiller to take plates out of some or all of the sections to run spirits like whiskey, rum, and brandy where flavor carry over from the wash is important. The flute still will also produce high percentage neutral spirits like vodka by keeping all the plates in and by adding more sections. These sectional stills will also give the distiller the option to add in an infusion chamber to house botanical for a gin or add fruit for fruit infusion.  This infusion basket is as easy as clamping in a sight glass with screened gasket. We sell beautiful sectional stills and stainless sectional stills from 4 inch diameter up to 8 inch diameter.
Bubble Caps-vs-Perforated Plates With Down Comers for your Flute still.
After a lot of testing in distilleries using copper bubble plates and copper perforated plates with downcomers we found that overall the perforated plates with down comers work better than bubble caps in the flute still. This is our personal opinion. Our tests show that we get higher percentage alcohol with perforated downcomer plates so when running a vodka you can get the 190 proof at a descent output. Running with bubble cap plates the percentage was about 180 proof with a significant reduction in output.  The big difference is there is no adjustment with the copper downcomer plates which allows the distiller to just set it in and forget it. The adjustable bubble plate caps is a neat idea be able to adjust the plates but found it to be a kind of a pain. The last notable difference is cleaning. Bubble caps are not as easy to clean.  Mile Hi Distilling manufactures the perforated plates with copper made in the USA for flute stills. We also offer the copper bubble plates for those who want copper bubble cap plates. These are available in 3 inch, 4 inch and 6 inch. see bubble plate caps
Check out flute talk about bubble caps vs perforated plates:
Mile Hi Distilling sells top quality distillers from small hobby stills to large micro distilleries for over 15 years. We have over 600 items to choose from so please look around and you have any questions give us a call 303-987-3955
Please note; Supply orders are shipping in 1-2 business days and stainless milk can still orders are shipping in estimated 6-8 weeks. Mile Hi Flute orders are shipping within 8-10 weeks. These are estimated shipping times.

Hey this is Mike and Mile Hi Distilling again. I want to show you my flute tower compared my competitors tower now it is still a reopen Colorado bot this tower is copper tower right here and they bottle in my towers after they ran it actually ran this thing twice they basically gave up and brought down to me and this left over here but they said ours ran four beautifully it was easy to control the heat you know just get really nice products but since I had it here I thought you it’s small video to tell you the difference hopefully you can see a quality difference already we got three inch windows they have two inch windows or is it sectional you can take it you can run one window you can run up to eight windows 10 windows as me what does is you want and just being sectional it’s easy to take apart clean three inch windows makes it easy to see inside suits going on these are two inch windows it’s just a stick further out from the tower so you know like look inside to see the plates right in here so I think it makes a little bit harder we also want you the flashlight seen there but after you’re looking at this power you can look it looks like the parrot wasn’t bent correctly I don’t know they took out the vent and shipping or something but you can tell us definitely what was that yeah it’s still been quite a bit but notice our tower has a spigot when you first start to distillation you can actually empty out the first a little bit you need to do you think you got it you just close it off and start selecting all right that’s nice plus right there but definitely ours it’s very heavy-duty well-built this is the functional power on the chat groups it’s been a few people actually bought both towers and they both always like ours better but like I said it’s the functional tower nothing really wrong with it after looking at it more I I think the company should spend more time cleaning up their braising joints some of your brazing joins us you know as much money as you’re spinning on these things they should definitely clean the stuff up and make it look nice and pretty for you if you take a look at ours come in your cameraman get your ass in here come on come on take a look at the welds back in here all my welders I got three of them they all at least have 25 years experience TIG welding and take welding stainless to copper is very tricky it takes a lot of talent and believe me I’ve welded for many many years and this is not an easy wealth but let me get me through out one of these that are gone already show you this is what I’m talking about now you can’t get better than that that is a beautiful weld there’s the year maybe a psych class weld takes a lot of talent to get that but way we make these you cut the tubing we well we actually get sight glasses machined to fit right over the top there then we can easily have to recut the hole we can easily weld it on there get a really nice-looking section like that but you see there’s a lot of the things I want to point out me a second they think about okay cyclic ice glass it goes inside the sight glasses okay this is ours and this is there’s a little difference inside is on oh yeah look at the thickness difference well the difference in there oh yeah but just easy to see through a three insight glasses a two-inch cycline also going through this I want to show getting a piece of glass how this one is really tricky I actually think the company sells a special tool to get it out I was able to get valve out Harmon it but they used a plaque silicon in a black gasket I think that’s Buena it’s probably okay for alcohol but we use silicone gaskets it seal up much better and are more alcohol tolerant are you better off with the silicone they are the buna thing to me let me take this thing apart a little bit we’re going to look at the inside all right Gary saw the inside of mine all right simple there’s the plate that goes inside there fits right here so you it’s easy to take each section apart and you can clean off the plate easy to clean these things out there simple take apart and store ship there’s a huge differences in sectional towers there’s one piece all right what give you one second when we get this thing apart here put this thing down the company brought this by they just told me that it was hard to get the tower to run correctly because they barely touch the water flow and the thing would just be all over the place all right I can’t mentioning names Salty’s on the internet because it’s a functional tower nothing wrong with it I’m just showing you the dirt between my Tower and their Tower that’s all okay let’s see if all right the distillery told me I’ll use this thing twice now I know it’s kind of hard to get light in there can you see in there okay this is a one piece column with six plates I’m not really sure how you’re going to give them clean this thing out I mean that’s from two distillation x’ and also you know bring that camera in kind of look at these so solder joints a little bit rough I don’t think I’d ever let anything quite that rough come through my shop that’s for sure no changes for what you’re paying for these columns I think they should put a little more time cleaning that stuff up all right there’s the after to dis elations that’s what you get large you take a parking clean one thing I think very nice about sectional towers okay I was looking at this thing – I mean – desolations look at that I was also looking you know you got a lot of sharp edges in here if we cut to mean we did burr it before we build anything out of it every edge in here is kind of sharp and Israeli in different lengths I don’t think it’s ready during look at look at that solder joints a little bit on the choppy side but you know it’s functional like I said nothing wrong with this – I want to show you our cans – you see milk cans all over the internet right about nine years I’ve been in business now since 2003 I brought in cans for this distillers I don’t know John yeah eight years ago and ever since in every else is copied which is fine that’s the way it goes but a lot of companies out there the gun to cheaper manufacturers so they’ll have the cans look exactly the same exactly the same but believe me they’re not there they are seemed not welded the same cans will have a to 55-gallon barrel their pinched enrolled kind of rolled together at the bottom making a real tight seal but after you heat those up a lot they’ll be work against each other it’s a good chance you get leaks after many years it might take many years of use but they definitely could leak now we pay a little more for our welded cans and we actually sell our cans to little bit for a little bit less I think some companies out there price gouge a lot but okay that’s just me I guess also one more thing I want to point out this is kind of funny some companies put their name on the cans which I’m not gonna spend your money for me to advertise on your can I just think that’s dirty playa I just think it’s wrong there’s one company actually puts his face on there I know I’m a great-looking guy the health if you won’t look at me on freakin day now duty I know I but okay but that’s about it for the cast and the tower well thanks for watching.

Hey it’s Mike at Mile Hi Distilling I want to show you how to do flutes we got for sale now your customers when asking for kids for a while it’s taken us about a year to get these perspective but I think we finally got so I’ll just kind of go closer look this is a 26 gallon can the six window flute and we put a sight glass up here just kind of show you what the psyche lights looked like on it and all the inlets of the water inlets are 3/8 female so you can buy them from us already just go to a hardware store and buy like a ball valve you got that mm-hmm and puts all valves in one over here and one over here and also you can get 3/8 male with the hose barb just drill into if I can get it gosh darn it and down here on the bottom the parrot it’s a half inch to the half inch so I got a a nipple in there and these you can find these at Ace Hardware of Home Depot most hardware stores will have these so all right one thing I want to show you – we got screen gaskets 4-inch screen gaskets so if you want to maybe put this into the gasket here to hold your botanical vault up you can whatever also we got the tune of four inch connectors that if you’re using a beer keg as a boiler you connect this to your beer keg to hook the fluid up on top of here this is just in case you want to put this on your can and put some more copper in there these have copper plates so you get the same effects as a copper still if copper plates but stainless steels is a lot more durable than copper it’s not easier to clean be one of the most famous moonshiners of our time popcorn Sutton and his book he says if you get a stainless steel still over copper go for this conference is so hard to take care of there’s a lot of copper stills out there but one reach people like copper is first soft and easy to work with stainless steel is a whole nother ballgame you need special machinery and tooling we got here to give you a stainless steel distillers but I want to show you how to put the plates in in just a second here so you can see the downcomers and we got these twisted around separate ways so you don’t spill into each other it’s a second I want to show you how to assemble it okay thank you very much just come over here the plates one thing nice about these we can take them apart and we can clean the copper plates copper gets really dirty fast from distilling this is the bottom plate look at that after one run that’s only one run one thing yeah it’s great that we can take apart and get back to like new copper so you get full effects of the copper these are new plates so you can see the difference and those are the downcomers but let me show you this this is one plate I soaked in citric acid all right so I want to show you that really quick I don’t think so in the video but okay citric acid powder I’ll get the champagne open okay here we go I always forget I shouldn’t cuss my doing these videos or not oops he’s going up the whole bag in quiet way overkill – screw it why just gonna dump these in here we’ll come back in about five minutes we’re done with the video and see if they cleaned up this is the second plate I think and I got four of them well this is the one I cleaned once already let’s we’ll do it again anyhow and that’s one it need to be clean – alright just let those soak for a few minutes and then we’ll show you how to assemble these this tower on the can alright okay first of all well one thing real quick I’ll show you the quality of these towers 16-gauge these things are tough as nails very well built and what I do if that gasket doesn’t here here it is nevermind silicone gasket sits in there now hold on you got the wrong gasket here no here it is sir my different gasket actually fits in here and I’ll show you the glass that sits in here look how thick that is so that sits on top the silicone gasket right there then we got this other gasket I’ll fit right there got this huge nut this thing – is this thing is indestructible very nicely built three inch window okay we’re gonna semble the tower on the camera alright first we need casket need a plate they will just sit in there like the sec soap in the first window stack these very carefully get it off gasket make sure this is sitting on the groove no I stagger these is what you don’t want the downcomers is pulling to each other so the first one is facing this way when I face this one trollers now it’s kind of cool you can see it when it’s going you can see it working I put that in front all right very simple cool thing about these towers you can like I said before you can have as many windows as you want many places you want oh I’m gonna turn it from this right on stagger it let’s take it out a little bit okay the fourth plate we’re gonna put this back and the yellow one and space in that way then it’s like so throughout the point you know some people always kind of mentioned how you’re like washing their glass dropper tool or chef last thing still well think about these stainless steel and easy to clean very durable much more durable than copper much easier to plan when we get the same effects with the copper plates if you think you need more copper you can always get like an extension and fill this with the copper and put this down the bottom will be telling these things to extensions all right so that’s an option right there for ya this thing weighs 5 pounds that’s how well-built this thing is 5 pounds instead all right mom’s got it hey Chris you want put that back in the tripod can help me up with the last few pieces up sure all of got it it’s a half inch female again these are 3/8 the water in this so actually a sample pretty fast all right Clark the film condenser come out right here pressure built it up yeah come out of here Search Search protected all right I found out the hard way but in a please turn off your background here oh I’m scared of stop

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