Turbo Yeast

Turbo Moonshine Alcohol Yeast - How and What to Use Mile Hi Distilling is home to a number of different turbo yeast distiller yeast for alcohol strains. This article is written to describe the differences to help you pinpoint what kind of distillers alcohol yeast suits you the best, what kind of yeast is

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Moonshine Stills

Moonshine Distilling Moonshine stills have been made in many different shapes and sizes since ancient times. A moonshine still refers to an alcohol distiller that makes moonshine. Moonshine is most often illegally made liquor because it is made and sold without paying taxes. These high proof spirits are usually made from corn with a copper

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Oak Barrel and Oak Spirals Aging Spirits

How To Age Spirits with Oak Barrel Oak barrel for aging whiskey at home Using Oak Barrels to flavor and color whisky, bourbon, rum, and other spirits. There are several ways to age your spirits with oak. All methods will bring an oak flavor and a warm caramel color to your whisky, bourbon,

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Making Moonshine

Making Moonshine the Simple Way Making sugar wash moonshine using a simple Sugar wash is a mix of water, sugar, and yeast necessary in the fermentation of alcohol. A sugar wash is an affordable and one of the easiest ways to create a wash for fermentation. It can be done with cheap table sugar or

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Distilling Classes and Distilling Workshops

Distilling Classes and Distilling Workshops Are you looking to start a distillery and are not quite sure how to get it up and running? If so I would take the 2-day distilling classes at Downslope Distilling. I took this class last weekend July 19th and 20th and I have to say the guys at Downslope

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Mile Hi Distilling 48 Hour Turbo Yeast on Sale Now

Mile Hi Distilling 48 Hour Turbo Yeast on Sale Now Mile Hi Distilling 48 Hour Turbo Yeast is on sale at $2.99 / packet. Take advantage now, this the sale will end soon. This Mile Hi Distilling 48 Hour Turbo Yeast is a nutrient and yeast that is a higher alcohol tolerant yeast and will produce 20% ABV in your sugar

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Avoid Hangovers and Alcohol Warnings

How to Avoid Hangovers Try this, next time you have some drinks. For every 50 ml of spirit at 40% alc/vol or equivalent, you drink (regardless of amount of ice, water or whatever added), drink 200 ml of water before AND another 200 ml after to avoid hangovers. Also refrain from eating too much eight hours

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Still Heat Source Guide

Still Heat Source Guide Still heat source guide will help you identify the best way to heat your alcohol distiller or moonshine still. can be gas burner, electric hot plate or electric controller with hot water heating elements. ELECTRIC: Hot Plates 110 Volt/1500 Watt Boilers up to 8 gallons 220 Volt/2000 Watt Boilers up to

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A Touch of Moonshine History

A Touch of Moonshine History Moonshine history. Branchwater. Fire water. White lightning. There are many names for homemade alcohol and just as many reasons why a person decides to distill their own spirits. For some, especially in the Appalachians, home distilling is a time honored tradition and family recipes for the perfect sippin' whiskey are

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