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Copper Stills: Pros and Cons

While there are other still materials available-you can take your pick of materials like stainless steel or even aluminum -there’s a definite reason why most distillers still go for copper stills. If you’re new to distilling alcohol, read on to figure out why a copper still for sale is a good choice for you:

It’s a great heat conductor

You’ll need a still with excellent heat conduction properties. Copper fits the bill. If you want to make sure you get good natural reflux production, you’ll want to go for copper over other options available out there.

It removes sulfur compounds

During the fermentation process, you’ll end up sulfuric compounds along with esters. Since these won’t add anything to your final product, brewers take steps to ensure these compounds are removed from the resulting brew. Copper stills help make that happen. Unlike other types of stills unable to remove any of the sulfuric compounds and residue, copper does a great job of ensuring the final product is free from any of those undesirable compounds. That means less work and hassle as well as greater convenience for you.

It makes for a better taste

If you’re after producing premium, quality alcohol, you’ll need to rely on copper for that. With copper, the resulting spirits simply taste better. It also improves the aroma of the final product. All these make for great reasons to go for a copper still for sale. After all, if you want tasty results for you and your customers, then there’s no contest. Copper wins, hands down.

It costs more

However, unlike other materials like stainless steel, copper costs much, much more. That’s because you need a specific amount of thickness to make the material strong enough to handle the process. That adds to the cost. So if you’re on a budget, this might not be your best bet. However, if you consider the long-term benefits you’ll get out of investing in copper over any other material, then the costs might just be well worth it.

It’s harder to clean

Aside from costs, copper stills are harder to clean and maintain than materials like stainless steel. However, that can be easy to put up with, especially if you consider the benefits you get.
All in all, while copper does come with a few drawbacks, the benefits it brings to the table more than make up for them. For more information on where to buy quality copper stills. Call us today.