Ethanol Extraction

Introducing a new line of Mile Hi Distilling ethanol extraction
systems used to produce premium CBD Hemp and Cannabis THC oil products

Our team at Mile Hi Distilling has been producing ethanol extraction equipment for the cannabis industry for several years now. We feel that it’s time to start offering this specialty equipment online.

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CBD Hemp Ethanol Extraction and Cannabis THC Ethanol Extraction

There is different process equipment for cannabis CBD hemp extraction and cannabis THC extraction.  We are focused on ethanol extraction and ethanol alcohol solvent recovery using batch systems and continuous fed falling film evaporators. These cannabis hemp ethanol extraction systems will recover from 1 gallon to well over 30 gallons per hour of alcohol ethanol solvent recovery.  These systems are ideal for producing crude cannabis oil to be further processed into CBD and THC distillate and THC/CBD isolate.  These ethanol extraction systems will also produce full extract cannabis oil.

How Alcohol Ethanol Extraction Works

A very brief understanding of how alcohol ethanol extraction works. Used as a solvent, the alcohol ethanol dissolves the hemp cannabis resin heads that are located all over the female cannabis buds. Next, dry the plant material and then ground or mill it into small particle size in order to create a large amount of surface area for the alcohol ethanol to dissolve oils. After that, you can recover the alcohol or ethanol so it can be used again, by using a distillation system.  This same process works for both hemp extraction and cannabis alcohol ethanol extraction.

Small Batch Alcohol Ethanol Recovery Stills

Our team at Mile Hi Distilling build small batch alcohol ethanol recovery stills which are used in smaller CBD processing labs and THC processing labs across the world.  Depending on state laws, you can use our ethanol extraction systems to make CBD and THC oils at home. These small batch alcohol recovery stills are considered a vacuum distillation system. The vacuum distillation system is what allows distiller to lower the boiling point and reduces the possibility of overheating and damaging the cannabinoids. These smaller systems can recover alcohol ethanol at a rate of 1-3 gallons per hour.

Ethanol Alcohol Evaporators

For Hemp CBD processing labs and the larger demand for THC processing labs, we suggest looking at our continuous feed falling film evaporators. The alcohol ethanol extraction machines will recover 30 gallons plus an hour. These ethanol alcohol evaporators work in continuous feed and can be built to auto discharge or manual discharge.

We build our alcohol extraction systems completely turnkey which include chillers, heat source, controllers and stainless evaporators rack mounted. We also sell all the components separately.  Let us know how we can help with your next CBD hemp processing.  For more info call our team at 303-987-3955 or email us at [email protected]