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Moonshine Distilling

Moonshine stills have been made in many different shapes and sizes since ancient times. A moonshine still refers to an alcohol distiller that makes moonshine. Moonshine is most often illegally made liquor because it is made and sold without paying taxes. These high proof spirits are usually made from corn with a copper still. This corn liquor is made using a moonshine still under the cover of darkness or moonlit nights. Most of us think of moonshiners making corn liquor in the back woods but not always the case. There has always been many moonshiners making spirits in their home or shop garage with a homemade moonshine still.

Building a moonshine still

These moonshine stills can be built out of copper pipe in the garage or bought from a moonshine distiller manufacturer. Building a moonshine still can be pretty easy and very rewarding. If you can solder copper fittings together then you can build a copper still. First start with figuring what is needed for a boiler. Some home distilling companies sell milk cans that are perfect boiler to use under your copper still tower or you can simply convert a keg to be used as a boiler. After you figure what will be the moonshine still boiler then you can build the tower. The boiler size will need to reflect in what diameter you build the copper tower.15 gallon kegs or stainless milk cans at this size range will require at least a two inch diameter tower. Anything larger will need a larger diameter tower or you will be making moonshine runs for days because the output will be so little of an amount per hour. For example a two inch diameter still tower will produce about one quart of moonshine per hour and a three inch diameter tower will produce two quarts per hour. See how you can double your output by going with a larger diameter towers. A four inch diameter moonshine still tower will produce three quarts to one gallon per hour. Wow, no were talking the magic of moonshiners.

Buying a moonshine still

Purchasing a moonshine still is the easiest way and quickest way to get started in this exciting hobby. There are reflux moonshine stills and pot stills. Reflux stills strip flavor and produce a high proof neutral spirit. Moonshine pot stills carry over flavor from the wash so if you like that good old corn likker then a pot still might be your calling. Do your research and buy a durable moonshine still that you can pass down to your Grand kids.