Distilling Classes and Workshops

Distilling Classes and Distilling Workshops


Downslope Distilling and Mile Hi Distilling have partnered up to bring you the best distilling classes available for small startup micro distilleries or just learn more about the fascinating art of a distilling and a alcohol distillery business. If you are thinking that a distillery is the business you want to get into then take a look at these distilling classes. For the money you wont go wrong. Two days packed full of the information you will want prior to starting up a distillery. From costs to produce a bottle to profit expectations. Equipment needed to start, TTB requirements, building requirements, etc. Take a look at the course structure below.   

Downslope Distilling is the only credited licensed micro distillery providing distilling classes in Colorado. This fun filled course is hands on working with a licensed distillery learning everything about a distillery.

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Two-day introductory course covers the beginnings of commercial distilling logistics from building codes to regulations through sales and distribution, which is followed by a hands-on workshop that covers commercial production from top to bottom including TTB requirements.

Introduction to Distilling Classs Day 1: Distillation                                          Distilling Class Day 2: Logistics

Pre-Production                                                                                                         Commercial Logistics

Water quality, water testing, and pH adjustments                                           Facilities selection, location, building, and fire codes

Grain mashes and sugar washes                                                                           Regulatory jurisdictions and Federal/State licensing

Enzymes, yeast, and infusions                                                                              Local rules, self-distribution rights, and tasting rooms

Record keeping and data management                                                              Marketing, Branding and Labeling

Malting vs. cereal mashing                                                                                    Developing a budget, pricing and promoting your spirits

Temperature and time management                                                                   Defining your market, reaching your market

Distillation                                                                                                                 On-premise and off-premise, promotions and product placement

Types of stills, columns, and infrastructure                                                        Sales & Distribution

Types of runs, stripping, and proof spirit                                                            Supplier responsibility, distributor expectations

Making The Cuts, Heads, hearts, and tails                                                          Distribution types, selection, forms, and channels

Whiskey, gin, rum, and vodka runs                                                                      Contract, franchise, and control states

Post-Production                                                                                                        Infusion of vodkas and rum Introduction

Filtration of vodkas and rums

Downslope Distilling Refund Policy: Due to the cost of having the class and the materials that we provide, we are unable to give refunds. You can reschedule the class at a later date as long as it’s within one year of the purchase date and notice is given at least 7 days prior to the original class date. Thank you for your understanding

Workshop will be held at: Downslope Distilling Inc., 6770 South Dawson Cr., Ste 400, Centennial CO 80112

Please email:mitchabate@aim.com or call 303-478-0228 for further info

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