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Moonshine Distilling Towers

You will see a lot of 2″ and 3″ Distilling Towers that look like ours on the internet even using the same names Dual Purpose and Traditional. Beware that these towers are knock offs or our towers that are made in China and are not the original Mile Hi Distilling Dual Purpose and Traditional Towers built in our shop located in Denver Colorado.

3 Different Distillation Tower Types Youtube Video

So today I want to talk a little bit about distilling heads and I just feel like towers we get this question a lot and that’s really is what is the difference between the three major distilling towers be then we get this question from so many different people we figured it’s just best to answer the question for everybody put it on the website put it on our youtube channel so that whenever you need the information is right there for you so first of all I do want to say that this is what we call our skills other people call them something different but as you see them you’ll maybe notice some similarity between what other people like column but once again this is just what we call this here is our traditional moonshine pot still it’s just that it’s rather traditional this is actually typically used for people who want to make whiskey Scotch in moonshot being that it has a very very short tower essentially here because it hits down a condenser right here and that’s really the whole length of the of the tower you don’t get a lot of purity so because you’ll be a lot of purity you’re going to pull over a lot of flavor and even possibly some color from your match from your fermentation that’s what this is really useful it’s really used to pull flavors from your match so if it’s that’s very important to you then this is really the way you want to go not going to give you much purity quits then give you a whole lot of flavor the next type is still we have is what we call our pots dip this pot still hit is very similar however obviously the tower is a whole lot taller this allows you to reflux this allows you to put into your tower copper match and even ration grains from the top so that as the as the distill it passes through it there’s something for that vapor to actually collect on to and then first of all that copper is going to pull out a lot of those sulfates and toxins but then it collects and drops back down and heats back up collects drops back down people use this still four whiskey’s and things they want to bring flavor over into but they also use it things they want a much higher purity on a lot much higher proofing on so people typically use these kind of as the middleman between something you want to a decent abv percentage but also a decent amount of flavor a lot of people use these for rum because rum it’s very subtle flavors typically around that that really make it you know make it what it is so this is what we call our 2 inch dual purpose now this is actually our mighty mini this is meant to go on three gallon can we actually our best seller is our 2 inch dual purpose it’s a lot larger than this our water chamber here is much larger and your condenser is obviously a much larger as well it’s about about twice the length you’ll notice that this is very similar to our previous the previous one I showed you we call this our 2 inch dual purpose it is a reflecting still so as vapor comes up the up the tower through the packing material through the ratchet rings when it hits this cooling jacket it can’t condensates and falls back down now the reason that’s important is I’m sure you’ve all heard the term triple distilled well triple distilled basically comes from the need to get a very high alcohol purity without getting much flavor so people would take one of these older style traditional moonshine pot stills and they would actually use that three times to pull out as much flavor as possible now when we have the water jacket here the tripled is still essentially done for you you don’t have to do that anymore one run and you’re done this is going to be very very high output on this one specifically our mighty mini we’ve seen as high as 185 proof on the 2 inch dual purpose we’ve seen 192 proof very very high purity very very high alcohol by volume so if you’re looking to make neutral spirits like vodka so that you can flavor it or just use it for regular vodka this is really to go now with that why is your purpose is you don’t actually have to use this cooling jacket right now what we recommend is you learn water onto this side out this side daisy chain it right over to the condenser tube and then it would come out the condenser tube on the other end if you don’t want to go that route don’t run water through here just run water in and out and then you essentially have the pot still like we were showing you earlier you don’t get that refluxing action you can start pulling a little more flavor into your distill it so those are three different types I’m sure that there might be more than one questions feel free to keep them coming ask questions at the bottom of the video we’re happy to answer them we really pride ourselves in quality grade a knock your socks off customer service so would be happy to ask those types of questions and give you that type of information really want to say thank you as well for your support from moonshine still doubt us as well as my mile high ceiling calm really it wasn’t for you guys who wouldn’t be here would be able to offer this type of information to you and our customers so thank you so much happy distilling!

Great, you are looking at buying a moonshine distilling tower, but can’t decide which one. Well, first of all, I want to thank you for looking at Mile Hi Distilling. We have the largest selection of distillers and supplies than any other company. And I can guarantee you the higher quality at the lowest prices. We are the oldest and most experienced still manufacturer in the United States. I’ve worked hard for 13 years finding the best-suited supplies for the fun hobby.
If you can’t decide on which type of moonshine distiller tower, I would suggest a dual purpose or a 2-in-1 tower that works as a pot and reflux.

A pot still simply condenses the alcohol vapors that come off the boiling mash. This will result in an alcohol at about 40-60% purity, with plenty of flavor in it. If this distillate were put through the pot distiller again, it would increase in purity to around 70-85% purity, and lose a bit of its flavor.

Reflux Stills

A reflux still does multiple distillations in one single run, by having packing in the tower allowing vapor to condense and drop back down through the packing. This “reflux” of liquid helps clean the rising vapor and increase the % purity. The taller the packed column, and the more reflux liquid, the purer the product will be. The advantage of doing this is that it will result in clean alcohol.

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