This gin basket is compatible for all flutes from Mile Hi that have not been previously ordered.

For customers with flutes from previous orders, we recommend to measure the diameter of your U-bend to determine if a 2.5″ gin basket or a 2″ gin basket is needed

Gin Basket or infusion basket is all made of 304 stainless steel. 4 inch diameter housing with viewing window, drain, and stainless perforated basket for botanicals. 2.5 inch diameter 90 degree elbow to the basket and a 2.5 inch 90 degree elbow away from basket. This gin basket is an ideal for infusing vapor with flavor. Can be used with gin botanicals and also fruit or other herbs and spices to make your own creations.

This gin basket can be used with Mile Hi Flute stills and can also be used with other stills with a 2.5″ tri-clamp connection.

Includes complete gin basket assembly;

4″ main housing with viewing window, stainless perforated basket, 4″top with handle, 4″ bottom with drain valve, two 4 inch clamps, and two of the 4″ gaskets                                                                    Two of the 2.5″ 90 degree elbows with two of the 2.5″ clamps and two of the 2.5″ gaskets