2 Inch Dephlegmator  Reflux Condenser 

2 Inch stainless Dephlegmator Reflux condenser for distillation columns that are  2 inch diameter. This type of condenser is used to create reflux in distillation columns to produce high percentage neutral spirit. The way it works is vapor rises through the column and when the vapor gets to the cool condenser the heavier water vapors condense back to liquid and drop down through the column and the lighter alcohol vapors carry over. The reflux condensers will help a still column to run 180-190 proof alcohol. This tube and shell style condenser is extremely efficient so if it gets too cold this condenser will condense all vapor back to a liquid and drop it back through the column and wont distill any product out. We suggest to use a small flow needle valve to control the amount of water so it doesn’t get too cold. For the two inch reflux condenser we suggest the jacketed style reflux condenser which is much more forgiving and easy to run. see link to jacketed style stainless 2″ reflux condenser 

2 Inch Diameter x 5″ tall with tri-clamps ferrules. Has 7 stainless tubes 1/2″ diameter through pipes. Does not include clamp and gasket.

Material is 304 Stainless 

Water Connections are 3/8″ pipe female

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