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The Grainfather G70 All Grain Brewing System Free Shipping


Grainfather is a amazing new all In One Brewing and Mashing System for home brewers and home distillers


220V G70 Grainfather All Grain Brewing System

From the creators of the original award-winning all grain brewing system, the Grainfather G70 represents the next level in all grain brewing and mashing equipment. We’ve stepped up our game to bring you a smarter brewing system with a larger 70L capacity, improved design, wireless control, app integration and the same Grainfather signature quality guarantee.
Whether you’re a homebrewer looking to raise the stakes or a commercial brewery looking to bring authenticity back to your pilot batches, the G70 is your true brewing companion. It gives you everything you need in one compact package that can be used virtually anywhere.

We also sell 240 Volt 220 Volt Grainfather and a brewing and distilling kits which include copper domed top and pot still head. This allows the operator to use the grainfather as a boiler to distill. You can use the Grainfather to brew beer, mash out grains for single malt whisky and also as a boiler for distilling. Free shipping on orders to lower 48. Give us a call today to order 303-987-3955 

An all grain brewing system for the serious brewer.

The 220 240 Volt G70 Grainfather Brewing and Mashing System with Connect is the ultimate all-in-one brewing system for both experienced and novice brewers and distillers. Phenomenal beers and the finest single malt whiskeys that can be made from all grain. Take a look at the videos to see how this brewing systems will help you create the best all grain beers and spirits. Make a single malt whiskey or scotch. 

Unlike exposed elements, our

large conical heating element covers 80%
of the base surface, for maximum heating
efficiency, reduced hot spots/scorching and
easy cleaning.

Dual-stage hop filter for a hopping rate
of up to 1.5kg (3.3lbs), which also reduces
pump load and blockages.

Color LCD controller screen with
magnetic mounting for easy viewing from
all angles and manual control.

G70 lifting bracket included for easy
two person lifting or a stable winch
system lifting for individual brewers.

Bottom drain below the false bottom
means minimal dead space, maximising
wort collection.

New rolled edge mash plates
and hop filter for increased strength
and easy set up.

Integrated sight-glass
for easy volume
readings during sparging.

Grainfather App integration
allows access to brewing recipes,
tools and calculators.

High temperature, high flow rate,
food-grade pump. With an 8L per min flow
rate, you can transfer your brew efficiently
and safely.

Ball valve for sampling/draining.
The water runs out quickly, emptying the
unit in no time.

Safety aspects including locked in support
ring, heavy duty, no slip brackets on the
grain basket and protection from knocking
the ball valve open.

Robust 304 stainless steel body
and excellent build quality.
Built for big grain bills
with the capacity to hold up to
17kg (37.5lbs) worth of grains.

Quick connect mash
re-circulation hose included
for fast brew transfer.
Automatic heat sensors and safety cutout for dry boil protection.
Dust cover and quick connect
mash re-circulation hose included.
Glass lid with handle included.

3 year signature Grainfather warranty

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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