3 Inch Diameter Domed Lid Flange and Built-In Screen

Our 3 Inch Diameter Domed Lid with built-in screen is a great fit.

Many people may have bought our older boilers with the flat clamp down lids or the one that slides in at the top of the can. Now we are able to offer this lid as a replacement. We have tested it and confirmed that the old clamps are not in the way. The new clamp will fit all the way around the can and seal properly on either type of milk can. The new ported style lid allows for a safety valve to be added to the boiler at any time.

Please note: This lid will fit all previous style milk cans, and we no longer have lids with the clamp-down ears. Thank you.

The sealing surface is 7 5|8” to 8 3|8” that connects to the can with a silicone gasket, clamp and gasket included.