American White Oak Infusion Spiral (Heavy Toast)

American White Oak Infusion Spiral (Heavy) adds a very dark color with hints of vanilla, caramel and smoky flavor to your product with a nice tannin structure. Heavy Oak Spirals for aging whiskey, aging rum and other fine spirits. American White Oak Infusion Spirals use it’s spiral shape to accelerate the extraction time for oak aging. 8 times faster than other oak compounds like barrel staves, etc. Also minimizes exposure to air and sinks fast into spirits. Easily used in glass mason jars, bottles, or carboys. You can easily char spirals using a propane torch to get similar aging results as a charred oak barrel.

Place spiral directly into spirits, moonshine, or neutral spirit. Takes 6 weeks to fully extract flavor. Take spiral out sooner than 6 weeks for a milder taste and lighter color. Spirals can also be easily snapped into smaller pieces to make oak flavor less intense.

Two oak spirals per package. overall length of each spiral is 7-8″ and oak spiral diameter is 1″